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Quinessence Pure Essential OilsAfter a hard day, chill out, relax and soothe away the stresses and strains of everyday life with one of these luxurious Quinessence Bath Soaks containg organic essential oils and botanicals.

Enriched with natural botanical extracts of Sea Lavender, Irish Moss, Seaweed and Algae to soothe and condition your skin, each Quinessence Bath Soak contains a synergistic blend Organic Essential Oils guaranteed to bring a little luxury to your bathtime experience.

What’s more, they do not contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Parabens, Propylene Glycol or any other chemical nasties – just natural ingredients derived from vegetable sources.

If you are having a particularly stressful time, perhaps due to a heavy workload or family problems, you may have considered pampering yourself to recharge and revitalize your drained energy reserves. As always, aromatherapy provides us with the perfect solution in the form of a long, lazy, soak in a bath-tub containing restorative essential oils. What could be easier – or more therapeutic?

The relaxing and soothing effect of the essential oils helps to ease aching tired muscles whilst refreshing a weary mind. Pure and simple luxury, and a much cheaper treatment than a trip to the beauty salon!

The art of bathing

The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all understood and employed the powerful, therapeutic healing properties of water. In fact the Romans developed the art of bathing into a national pastime by building highly sophisticated public baths known as Thermae.

In each building would be three pools; hot, lukewarm and cold which were respectively known as the caldarium, tepidarium and frigidarium. Sometimes there would also be a steam bath, which was called the sudatorium.

Water was also a symbol of religion, and the rivers Nile, Jordan, Euphrates and Ganges were all considered sacred. Even today, Hindus still believe that to die in or on the banks of the Ganges ensures forgiveness of all earthly sins. In many sacred traditions, water was infused with prayer, chants, or songs to wash away physical and emotional ailments.

This unique healing art is now being revived thanks to the availability of therapeutic essential oils and other beauty spa products. And you can easily turn your bathroom into a healing sanctuary just using your aromatherapy products plus a few simple accessories.

Relaxing music and the flicker of candlelight creates a lovely relaxing atmosphere and forms the very heart of your health spa, so choose some music according to your mood before running your bath. To create a truly relaxing effect, light a few candles or small votives around the bath, and you will feel more relaxed right away.


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  1. leslie hill says:

    I have brought both the made up bath and shower products and the bath dispersant and the shower base and add my own all of which I was happy with and will buy again. I was very happy with the the delivery time

  2. leslie hill says:

    Have used the prepared and made some of my own bath oils which have been great the service from quinessence has been first class and havehad no problems with any orders and the oils have been of good quality

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