Sourcing Essential Oils

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Sourcing essential oils from around the worldWe believe that essential oil quality control should begin at the earliest stage of production, preferably with inspection of the crop at the growing phase. This important aspect is often overlooked when considering quality issues, and this is why we have established close working relationships with growers around the world.

And sourcing and purchasing organic and conventional essential oils from remote areas around the world is not a job for either a novice or the faint-hearted, because mistakes can be very, very costly for a company, in terms of both money and loss of reputation.
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Rose Otto Essential Oil

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Rosa damascena flowerRose otto is the beautifully fragrant essential oil extracted from the species Rosa damascena, and it holds a special place in the hearts of all who love aromatherapy and natural perfumery. There is quite simply, no other essential oil quite like it in terms of fragrance and wealth of therapeutic healing benefits.

See Quinessence Bulgarian Rose Otto essential oil.

In Bulgaria, the rose blossoms begin to bloom around the third week of May and will continue for three or four weeks, depending upon climatic conditions. The yield of oil can be dramatically affected by the prevailing weather conditions – for example during very hot and dry weather the harvest may last only two weeks and the yield of the oil is lowered due to loss by evaporation. Conversely, during mild and humid weather the harvest time can be extended whilst at the same time increasing the oil yield.
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