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Protect yourself with essential oilsHave you ever entered a room whilst in a perfectly normal and happy mood, and immediately felt an emotional change come over you? The feeling is unmistakable and may vary from just feeling a little uncomfortable right through to experiencing the irresistible urge to flee the room.

Perhaps a heated argument had taken place there earlier, or something much more sinister might have happened many years ago, but either way you got the message and no mistake. This is not as uncommon as you might imagine and there are many documented cases of how people’s lives were saved by taking decisive action after experiencing such feelings.

Energy and vibrations make up everything in the universe, and although many people are not necessarily aware on a conscious level, they are affected by their influence subconsciously. In many ways we are like radio receivers continually picking up vibrations, but unfortunately from an early age we begin to tune them out as we are taught to focus more on the outer world, rather than our inner feelings.

Negative emotions

Consider the friend who calls round to see you because they are feeling down. They pour their troubles out, and you offer support and advice in an attempt to cheer them up. After a few tears and a big hug they declare, ‘Oh, I feel much better now’. And how do you feel? You feel shattered, depressed and ready for a drink! Have you ever tried to help a friend going through a relationship break-up? Then you know exactly what I mean.

So what happened here? Well, you simply exchanged energies. Support and love were given to your friend, but you picked up some of their negative energy in return. Nurses, therapists and care-givers of all types can be particularly prone to this type of problem, but clearly you don’t have to be a health professional to experience the effects of negative emotions from those around you.

Double-edged sword

If you are a caring individual and want to help those in need you must take certain precautions, or you may end up taking on their burdens, worries and feelings, eventually becoming depleted and in serious need of support yourself. This happens regularly to caring aromatherapists who can be left exhausted after treating certain clients.

For some people, continual exposure to this type of situation can eventually have a devastating effect on their lives since it affects their thoughts, feelings and general outlook. A negative attitude can lead to all sorts of illnesses, so it is important to dispel all negative energies and emotions from our lives as quickly as possible.

In many ways therapists are like a glass of water offering a drink to all they see, but if they fail to stop and refill their glass from time to time it can run dry and there will be no more water to give to anyone. It’s all about balance and protection. It is okay to pause and give to yourselves occasionally, but at all times you must remember to protect yourself from the negative energies of those who you are trying to help.

So how do we do this?

Prepare, protect and cleanse

In ancient Egypt there was an expression that was used by the physicians and priests which roughly translated means, ‘Prepare me in order that I may serve’. This is a very wise saying and still rings true today, but it did not mean they just had to learn about anatomy, medicine or incantations.

In those days incense was used as part of the process of preparation to cleanse, purify and ward off negative energies as well as attract a beneficial healing energy. The moral behind the saying was – don’t rush into helping others without fully preparing yourself on all levels first. This is the cornerstone of helping others.

Many ancient cultures also believed that water absorbed the vibrations of their thoughts and intentions, and was seen as a divine cleansing, healing and life-giving force. In countless sacred traditions, water was infused with flowers, herbs, prayers, chants, or songs to wash away physical and emotional ailments. Bathing symbolized rebirth and regeneration and formed part of the daily routine for all classes in Rome.

Fragrant solutions

Benefit from this ancient wisdom and use your essential oils to cleanse the energies around your home whilst protecting you from the negative atmospheres that are innocently created by friends and family. If you are an aromatherapist, your essential oils can be used to dispel the negativity left behind after you have finished treating an emotional client.

Here’s how.

When you know in advance that you will need to be empathic and supportive to someone and you don’t want to be left feeling drained, one of the best things to do is take a bath with essential oils to help protect, fortify and support you throughout the session ahead. Two drops each of frankincense, geranium and sandalwood is ideal, or alternatively you might like to try basil, palmarosa and vetiver.

After your bath, add some essential oils of frankincense, melissa or rose to a fragrance-free carrier lotion base and apply it to your body. The lotion will then release a lovely gentle aroma which will help protect and support you throughout the day.

If you didn’t get the opportunity to take a protective bath before the session, you can always have a ‘cleansing’ one afterwards. Run your bath and add two or three tablespoons of salt, and then essential oils of rosemary, basil and juniper berry which is particularly good for emotion cleansing.

Emotional release

Vaporize a blend of essential oils in the room during your supporting session to help your friend or client release any negative emotions they have bottled up. Two drops each of bergamot, neroli and sweet orange smells gorgeous and really helps to get things moving. You will find more essential oils listed in the sidebar.

As the session draws to a close I like to use a simple combination of sandalwood and rose that helps with grounding and restoring balance to both parties. Alternatively, spritz a hydrosol such as frankincense, geranium, orange blossom or rose around your friend or client just before they leave.

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